WHY Voltaira?

Our company, Voltaira, headquartered in Pfullingen, Germany, is an internationally operating company. We develop, produce, and sell complex cable solutions for the Automotive, Transportation and 2Wheeler industries globally. Key applications include electromobility, active and passive safety, driver assistance systems, engine and powertrain as well as emission reduction and fuel efficiency. We are positioned at 16 locations worldwide in Europe, America, Asia and North Africa and currently employ around 8.000 people.

Join our company and help the world Sense, Connect and Electrify!

Join us on our journey to connect the world through our creative mobility solutions! Take a look at our global job opportunities within the Voltaira. We are looking for promising candidates in a wide range of fields, in the segments of Automotive, Transportation and 2Wheeler. You can choose from a wide range of challenges, flexible hours to suit you, ensuring prospects for continuous development and a welcoming atmosphere.

What you'll find at Voltaira

Unique opportunity:

Do what you love to do!

We offer challenging and wide variety of jobs in a global company. We highly value the creativity, flexibility and competitiveness of our colleagues, their motivation and commitment are the secret to our success. At Voltaira we aim to provide work(place) safety so that our colleagues can feel protected and safe.

Work-life balance is also a very important element for us. We are adapting to change wherever possible, therefore we are making huge efforts to implement home office globally in most functional areas. Our colleagues in many positions are free to choose whether to work from home or in the office while knowing that our management will support them in every way.

Future solutions:

Be part of something bigger!

Our professionals are passionate and enthusiastic about solving our customers’ challenges. We work on development and manufacturing projects at the core of all the latest Automotive, eMobility, Transportation, 2Wheeler and Micro-Mobility products and technology of premier global brands. As a result, you will be providing real value for solutions all around the world. A positive, challenging working environment and a family atmosphere inspire our people to feel ownership for what they do. We encourage free decision in the work force so that our employees can treat the company like their own which allows them to work independently without any micro-management pressure.

Global community:

Be our team member!

Thanks to our global nature, we have a strong company presence on almost every continent. This has numerous local advantages; smart management decisions are part of our everyday work life. We know that all the locations invest in the growth and development of the company as a team.

 Around our international location sites, you’ll find lots of different people, cultures and ways of thinking. But we are down-to-earth around here, meaning it’s easy to be yourself around your colleagues. With many different nationalities represented, we have  travel addicts, sports fans, musicians, poets, competitive sportspeople, dancers, sci-fi geeks, hardcore gamers, and book lovers alike, and more! 

True values:

Grow with us!

We’re a constantly growing company, but we manage to keep our feet on the ground. Here you can expect an environment with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths so that you can actively influence what you work on and how things develop. We offer independent and autonomous work, as well as performance-related benefits? and individual promotion, so that you feel as a part of a global team.

Great benefits:

Work the way you like!

With us, you will enjoy great benefits, like flexible working hours, the opportunity to work remotely, a worldwide community of talented colleagues, plus global company meetings, events, and small get-togethers. There are other benefits, depending in which location you work at.

Environmental and social responsibility

At Voltaira we take our responsibility for important environmental and social issues and matters very seriously. Our company is committed to carbon neutrality, and we encourage our colleagues to adopt this approach not only in their personal lives, but also at work, leaving room for ideas to be implemented. On social issues, we also strive to meet the expectations of a fast-paced world, to ensure equal opportunities and workplace benefits for all, regardless of affiliation or beliefs.

What our Colleagues have to say

  1. Make a big difference in a small team rather than a small difference in a big team.
  2. Opportunity to learn and excel in a global, dynamic work environment with excellent growth opportunities.
  3. Involvement in various stages of a product development cycle. Team events and training engagement opportunities.
  4. Flexible work hours.
  5. Competitive compensation and packages with top notch benefits.

Manfred Bulla, Head of Segment Electrify

I have never experienced such a high degree of freedom in my professional life before. At the same time, we strive to be successful in what we do. It is very rewarding to work for Voltaira, even if it's often challenging, but never boring. Every day we are confronted with the opportunity to learn something new. Finding solutions to the problems we work on is our daily job. Experiencing this way of working with the team we work with makes us strong.

Günther Ungericht, Head of Segment Sense

Make it better and loveable

Voltaira is a great place to work! Our colleagues are passionate and enthusiastic about their job. We challenge the status quo every day, embrace new directions and come up with new ideas. Nurturing our corporate values is key to our continued success. We are committed to continuous improvement and support each other. We strive to foster a collaborative work environment. We embrace diversity and different ways of thinking in our interactions. And my personal goal is nothing less than to make corporate communication as good as possible!

Orsolya Eszterváry, Head of Marketing

Create a great workplace

Voltaira in Korea and Vietnam is a great team to be a part of. The industry is undergoing a drastic transformation and being able to shape and contribute on this journey is exciting and a wonderful learning experience. Let’s create together a workplace with interesting jobs, space to grow and wonderful colleagues to be around with. Become an even stronger tech center in Korea and a benchmark production location in Vietnam. All this whilst being close to Korean and international customers that have ambitious plans in Asia. This is just the beginning…!

Joo-Seuk Maing, Head of Segment Connect

Recognized as a great workplace

PRETTL Kabelkonfektion GmbH has been recently rewarded for the working conditions. This was preceded by an audit by Intertek, one of the world's leading independent quality certification agencies.

The area of the audit was a workplace conditions assessment with focus on the sustainability implementations. The evaluation completed by Intertek covered the following focus areas:

  • Labor
  • Wages and hours
  • Management systems
  • Environment and business practices

Overall, we received a high-quality rating, with no deviations, only minor changes recommended. Thanks to this, an employee opinion box has been placed at the headquarter, so that colleagues can anonymously send their opinions and suggestions to management. Furthermore, the contact address for the employees intending to contribute to the Code of Conduct has to be added, as well as it had to be doublechecked whether the Code of Conduct is a part of the binding supplier documents. These are examples for the recommendations given by the auditor.

The certification is only awarded to companies with a performance of at least 85%, so we are very proud to have earned this recognition!