Research and Development

From idea to serial production with global footprint

Voltaira, as a trusted partner in the automotive supplier industry, develops and manufactures sensor as well as High Voltage and Low Voltage wire harness solutions for the automotive industry. From custom emission control harnesses to electrical powertrain HV cable assemblies as well as active & passive safety harnesses, Voltaira products has enabled innovations in the ever fast-evolving mobility industry. 

Globally well-known, leading vehicle OEMs and  eBike manufacturers trust our technology know-how and manufacturing expertise. Voltaira enables new market trends, such as electrical mobility and autonomous driving by providing state-of-the-art cable solutions and a strong business partnerships to Tier1 and OEMs.

From idea to serial production with global footprint

Our product developments are designed to cost to be competitive in the mobility market, robust to meet customer requirements, as well as designed for manufacturability to reduce production cost and assure repeatability on highest quality levels. Our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process is guiding us through the development process from the initial idea through serial production. The ability to provide these engineering and development services worldwide, makes us a unique and valued ally to our global customer base.

With a full range of in-house capabilities, we are able to develop, design, manufacture and deliver tailored product solutions which meet or exceed customer expectations.

Global Product and Process Development

A structured global engineering organization, with strong regional representations allows Voltaira to collaboratively develop specialized product and process solutions to enable system providers in the mobility industry. Harsh Environments, fast and robust signal integrity, size limitations as well as secure sensor and electronic adaptions are challenges which drive innovation in our R&D teams and result into specialized cable assembly solutions that surpass customer expectations. All our products are designed not only to exceed customer requirements but also with the manufacturability in mind and therefore allow simplified, cost effective assembly equipment solutions. Globally installed engineering systems assure that development data is globally available at any time and lessons learned are shared instantly.

Development expertise

Voltaira has extensive know-how in the required manufacturing technologies to ensure a high-quality product production. Computer aided design and simulation tools as well as the ability to create prototypes and required assembly fixtures simultaneously and our in-house testing ability improve the development turnaround time significantly and point to potential shortcomings in our Product and Equipment Developments in very early stages.

Process And Equipment Development 

Voltaira has the capability to design, manufacture and build product assembly stations which range from manual through semi-automated to fully automated assembly cells. We integrate state-of-the-art technology processes to build, test, measure, verify and trace mark our customer products to assure 100% satisfaction and ZERO defects.

Product verification and validation testing

Voltaira has a wide range of laboratory measuring and testing equipment to support production quality, product verification, product validation and failure analysis. 

Present the research & development flow

  • Concepting /pre-development
  • 3D CAD PRODUCT Design
  • Simulation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product verification CMM measuring, x-ray ...
  • Accredited Product validation testing
  • Sampling /low volume production
  • Process planning
  • In house machine shop capatibilities (CNC-milling/turning, wire- EDM, grinding,...)
  • Process and Equipment Design & Development (Automation)
  • Industrialization - Lean Production planning
  • In house quipment build and assemby
  • Production planning, Product Lifecycle Management, APQP, Quality Management, supply Chain and Logistics, Project Management, Change Management

Voltaira competences

Wire Processing

Pre-feeding (straighten wires)

100% HV insulation verification (pin holes, splice detection, other cable damages)

In House calibration of crimping station 

Cut, strip, seal, crimp both sided of the wire

Laserweld integration

Strand twisting & tinning integration

Compacting of wire ends

100% seal positioning verification

100% crimp height verification

Prettl Quick exchange system (for faster crimp die and terminal exchange)

Prettl internal designed crimp tooling

Connector assembly

Fully POKA-YOKE connector assembly

Full terminal engagement verification (with tug test & switch pins)

Fully automated TPA engagement

100% insulation color detection

Bad part locking (key release + scrap sensor release)

Coded Quick exchange modules for different connectors types (fast change over

100% insulation color verification

100% wire orientation check

Verification of supplier pass thru quality concerns

100% leak testing (negative pressure)

Guided assembly

Auxiliary assembly processes for sensor side

Ceramic assembly stations for O2 applications

Metal sleeve clenching stations for O2 applications

Automated plastic ultrasonic welding stations (Horn switches)

Wire twisting stations

Sensor controlled, manual and semi automatic assembly presses (EPS, Door handle switch assy)

Lead bending and cutting machines (Hall IC’s, capacitors, resistors, etc.)

fully automated switch into leadframe assembly including lead bending, indexed resistance welding and metal stamping (separating)

Laser marking, leak testing

And more… 

Sensor attachment

Semi automated, vision- and sensor controlled sensor attachment stations (resistance welding, EPS, door handle)

Semi automated, camera controlled splicing (splice band) stations with integrated linear actuators for indexing of multiple splices e.g. Seat belt applications

Semi automated, camera controlled solder stations

Crimped (splice crimp) sensor attachments

Integrated spring loaded pins

Fully automated wire to leadframe resistance welding with servo indexing (Horn Harness)

Sensor encapsulation/ -protection

Low pressure overmolding of electronics

2K potting of sensors, antennas or switches

Injection overmolding of Terminals (USCAR connector interfaces e.g. wheelspeed)

Prettl “Tight” Duroplast overmold with Thermoplast final mold

2K injection molding to allow flexible sealing function (e.g. door handle switches)

LCP terminal overmold (high temp applications- temp. sensor)

sensor housing injection molding (horizontal and vertical Arburg machines)

Harness protection and routing features

Corrugated tube cutting (cutting on wave crest)

Fiberglas tube cutting

Pvc tube cutting

Taping fixtures for accurate tape length and positioning

Spot tape dispensing units

Taping stations

Heat shield sleeve cutting and sensor controlled assembly stations

Harness length wise taping (twist protection-EPS)

Tube adapters and routing channels

Grommet assembly stations and grommet overmolding

Semi automated Poka Yoke, sensor controlled clip assembly boards

Pneumatically controlled zip tie guns

Quality and Product Validation/Testing

100% EOL testing with 2D data matrix code laser marking (Co2, Yag) with integrated 2D code scanner, leak tester & bad part cutter

Crimp cross section Lab

USCAR21 accredited Test Lab (wire/crimp connection verification)

Load frame (pull force & travel measurements)

Optical / with touch probe measuring devises

SPC for Crimp dimensions

3D CAD and CAE tools for preventative quality planning (moldflow)

Climate Chambers, salt spray tester and 

Surface roughness measuring, CMM, visual

X-Ray for non-destructive quality verification

100% crimp force monitoring & more

Shipping/ Warehousing

Standard packaging (cardboard with plastic inlay)

Manual packaging station with Cycle Counting System with an accuracy of 99.8%

FIFO system 

Bar code scanners for Finish Goods

Capability for daily shipments 24hrs.

SAP inventory Management

Global Tech Centers

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